About Us

Smart Carpet Cleaners is a company with long history and great accomplishments in the cleaning sector. As a positive result of the constructive feedback and spreading the word for us, our customers help us to improve our attendance and service. We are leader on the market because we are dedicated company that provides very high quality services and great customer care.

When it comes to great outcomes, Smart Carpet Cleaners do not compromise! That is why we invest in work related trainings and team buildings in which our staff members take part. Our employes are very ambitious and trustworthy. When you book a service you can relay on the professional opinion and expertise from our cleaning teams and technicians, because they posses the acknowledgment and valuable experience to deal with any type of fabric or stains easily and speedy. To keep them motivated the organisations’s management sets up various trainings and seminars to help them improving their performance and develop new cleaning techniques to better the final outcomes. Our office support team is consisted of intelligent and competent to provide the best free of charge price indications and prompt quotations, based on your property description and requirements. They posses strong working ethic and positive attitude to listen at every client and solve their problem fast in friendly manner.

Or course our success is impossible without good working tools! This is the reason to invest only in brand new and powerful machinery, as well as in strong, but harmless detergents. The cleaning liquids that we use are eco friendly and toxic free, which makes them totally harmless for our families and pets.

We have office assistants, cleaning teams and technicians on duty on Saturday, on Sunday and on Holidays as well and there will be no additional cost to book a service on weekends. This is to help you and take one of your house tasks down, so you can enjoy the time with your beloved ones.

You can book the job at the most convenient time in the morning or in the afternoon.

Book high quality service with our professionals at very affordable and competitive prices.  We will provide all the cleaning materials and equipment for no additional fee. For more comprehensive details about our services, availability or price range, please do not doubt to contact us at your first availability on our phone number – 020 8077 5562.

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